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This week’s interesting links from my RSS feeds:

First, this amazing story of Manu Sharma on how he sent a baloon to space and photographed venus for less than $200.  wow!!  Read and draw some inspiration.

Individuals fighting a "System"

Other Tech News

  • Google demos search by image.  Watch this. This is going to result in some very interesting applications.
  • NotionInk Weathers The Storm, plans on releasing the Adam 2 Android tablet in December. Several months back, I wrote about this. I was eagerly waiting to buy one. Good that I didn’t. They had a good product and took very long to release. They failed to capitalize on their software fixing Android to run on tablets – much before Honeycomb was out. Till date, they donot have Honeycomb build yet. While I didn’t like all the negative publicity that CrunchGear meted out to them, they are right on total failure of NI’s marketing.
  • MIT, Harvard use nanotechnology to monitor single living cell in real-time. A nanosensor that attaches to surface of a cell – much like a virus ?  what next ?
  • A little bit of history(1 & 2) of how Javascript came about. If you have grown up with web, you would want to know this.

OpenFlow – Link digest

I spent last few hours catching up on OpenFlow and what the blogosphere is thinking about it. Of late, there have been lot of blog posts on OpenFlow, what it is and what is not etc. With few companies starting to build products around and as they showcase some early OpenFlow based technology in conferences and industry shows, the tech media goes wild in making OpenFlow as the panacea for all problems (including world peace and keeping the icecream in your refrigerator cold during a power outage)

I came across some really good blog posts on this topic today. While some believe that this is a transformative and revolutionary concept, there are several in the other extreme dismissing it as “failure before it started”.  Martin does good job in his blog posts in clearing some myths around OpenFlow.

So, here are some links:

Martìn Casado (CTO, Nicira Networks)

Greg Ferro (Freelance network architect/engineer)

Ivan PepeInjak‘s blog

VMWare community blog

Few other interesting posts

You definitely want to check out these sites as well: