Weekly Random links of Interest – FightASystem, Tech News

This week’s interesting links from my RSS feeds:

First, this amazing story of Manu Sharma on how he sent a baloon to space and photographed venus for less than $200.  wow!!  Read and draw some inspiration.

Individuals fighting a "System"

Other Tech News

  • Google demos search by image.  Watch this. This is going to result in some very interesting applications.
  • NotionInk Weathers The Storm, plans on releasing the Adam 2 Android tablet in December. Several months back, I wrote about this. I was eagerly waiting to buy one. Good that I didn’t. They had a good product and took very long to release. They failed to capitalize on their software fixing Android to run on tablets – much before Honeycomb was out. Till date, they donot have Honeycomb build yet. While I didn’t like all the negative publicity that CrunchGear meted out to them, they are right on total failure of NI’s marketing.
  • MIT, Harvard use nanotechnology to monitor single living cell in real-time. A nanosensor that attaches to surface of a cell – much like a virus ?  what next ?
  • A little bit of history(1 & 2) of how Javascript came about. If you have grown up with web, you would want to know this.

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