Random Links – Week of 6th June 2011

Here are some random links that grabbed my attention during the last week:

  • 411 services. Builder Twitter apps without ever coding to twitter API.  You get to reserve a keyword and when someone replies with that keyword, you have a choice to return a static content or dynamically generated content via webhook (CGI script).  Nice.
  • Evaluating Text Extraction Algorithms. If you have ever done a project involving extraction of text from HTML documents, you would find this interesting. While you are at it, you may also want to look at author’s earlier posts. Lots of information out here.  Several years back, when I spent some time on this problem trying to detect the layout of the page and remove the clutter, I find none in the state of the art. Glad to see so many solutions out there now.
  • RightScale launches Hybrid cloud solution. Looks like the trains for hybrid clouds started arriving. With the argument about private clouds resolved and that they are here to stay,  hybrid clouds enablers are just what could make some of these enterprises look at public cloud.


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