Instant Messaging with Roaming?

We all  use instant messaging (IM) on our desktops and laptops in our everyday life.  And I am sure some of you may use IM on mobile too.

Today, I was on an IM session where I was chatting with a friend in low throughput mode and not with full attention. I was reading an article, monitoring the twitter/facebook stream on Yoono and responding to IM messages with Adium (Yes, I am on Mac these days, but don’t mistake me for an apple fan boy).  My wife walks in, and asks me to get something quickly for her from a nearby provision store.  That would mean, either I have to sign off from IM or tell my friend to wait up for 15 minutes or so.

But what if it is possible to indicate to the IM provider that:

  • I am going to sign into my mobile and the conversation should continue using mobile IM client (esp, in campuses like Cisco you could move around all the blocks, buildings and cafeterias – pretty much still connected over WiFi)
  • I am going to use the SMS on the mobile as I may be moving into a no network connectivity zone

And do the reverse, when you are back to the laptop/desktop.

And all this should be possible without the user on the other end noticing it – much like your mobile phone.

Is it possible to do this with current IM clients today ?   Yahoo IM allows you to sign-in to your mobile and communicate using SMS, but the other party sees this change in your status though.  Some IM platforms (esp google talk related) allow you to sign-in using multiple clients , but I noticed that messages some times go to one client and sometimes to the other.



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