No GPS cells in my brain

I am one of those who just cannot remember the way out of a new place.  Last week I joined CISCO India which has offices on Outer Ring Road.  These are huge building complexes interconnected. And as a new employee, you will end up moving between these buildings  for HR, IT Support, Cafetaria, Parking etc.  And if you donot have the nature’s equivalent of GPS in your brain, you are in for fun!!  Here is my share in the last 3 or 4 days:

  • I drive my car into a parking space and discover that it is full. Come out of exit,  enter another parking lot and find that also full.  Before I realized that I am circling the same parking lot, I finished 3 rounds
  • Next day, I get into multi-level parking and didn’t bother to note down which level and where I parked. In the evening, I end up searching for my car for 10 minutes
  • With all the blocks of developer cubes and offices structured very similar, I invariably get into wrong block and mistake that someone else is sitting in my cube.  So now I remember to remember whether I should take a left or right after getting into a rest room, for example
  • Cisco has these several “You are here” kind of self-guiding maps almost in every block and every corner.  This has always been my problem. In an attempt to find a colleague’s office space, I stand infront of one of these maps but cannot figure out whether to take a left or right.   Another similar scenario where I get totally confused is looking at a route map and guide the driver in terms and north-south/east-west  etc

Is this just me or something that I can explain away with lack of genes or presence of some unexpected genes ?

I know if I continue in the same place long enough,  ultimately my sub-conscious mind takes over and this becomes a simple motor-skill.   Till then, I am having fun 🙂


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