My Trick to Beat the Traffic

Unless you are very very lucky and your office is close to your residence, you would spend at least 2 hours a day in traffic in bangalore.  I spend about 2 to 2.5 hours driving to and from office.

Initially, I used to just listen to FM or some music but got bored of that very quickly.  As a result, I ended up paying more attention to all the nuances of the traffic and insane drivers.  And if you are in a bad mood,  you may loose temper with all those insane and hostile drivers – hurting yourself in the process.

I started listening to podcasts few months back. It took some time to find few good ones, but now I cannot stop. Listening to some of these podcasts is like a silent observer of conversation of friends in the car. I find listening to these podcasts so engaging that I hardly realize how time flies away – forget about paying attention to the madness.

Here are some podcasts that I listen to:

  • IT Conversations – This is a longest running podcast.  Sitting in India, I cannot attend all the cool tech conferences, but thanks to IT Conversations, I can listen to all the good ones here.
  • HBR IdeaCast – Hardvard Business Review’s weekly podcast bringing management ideas from leading minds
  • techzing – As they say “if you are a hacker, you will probably love our show”. I like listening to Justin and Jason and all the cool people they bring in.
  • – This must be in your list if you are interested in mobile software companies, location,  mobile ads, mobile trends etc

I have created a public google feed for all of the above here

I actually wanted to listen to podcasts a while back itself, but I didn’t come across good software that makes this easy on Windows 6 phones. I own HTC HD2 for an year now and I love the device. I strongly believed that Microsoft will come back and gain the market with their new version – so I refused to buy iPhone or Android device. I kept updating it with unofficial but very cool windows 6.5 Energy ROMs. But after I heard about Windows 7 phones, killing of Windows 6.5 version and no upgrade path for existing phones, I ditched Microsoft and ditched very hard.  #FAIL Microsoft   #FAIL HTC for not having any upgrades.

Thanks to the folks at xda-developers, I have installed Android on Windows 6 phone six months ago and never looked back.  Infact, with the “Haret” approach, I have the flexibility of having several versions of Android installed on my SD card.   This allows me to play around with latest cooked ROMs and see if I like before I upgrade. Currently, I am running the latest gingerbread 2.3.2 with the bleeding edge cyanogen mod 7.  How cool is that ?

Anyway getting back to the point – if you are having an Android device, check out this cool app ACast specifically designed for podcasts.  Once you add your podcast RSS feeds, it just self-maintaining.  The moment I park the device for charging, it is configured to switch on and connect to home Wi-Fi.  ACast downloads all the latest podasts, adds to the playlist and deletes the ones you have listened to.  No unexpected or surprising data charges 🙂

With 2 to 2.5 hours daily, I have few more slots to fill in.  Drop in a comment, if you know of a good tech podcast.


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