tata sky – not so customer friendly policies

Came across this blog post about how unfriendly tata sky‘s policies are. Fully agree about the rip off. I encountered similar experiences. They give out an online mechanism to sign up for a channel (like sports) but to unsubscribe you have to make a phone call to them and that too only after minimum period of 2 or 3 months. And if you donot remember, lucky tata sky.

Day before, I received a letter from tatasky saying that they have launched TataSky+HD and they are giving me an offer (as some premium member or something like that) to subscribe at 3999/- before it is made public to others. wow, I thought sounds great privilege and that is probably some discounted price. I go to the website and check that it is already public and for the same price 🙂

They have launched HD about 9 months back and still they have only 3 channels.  I doubt if more channels would ever be added. Without some kind of roadmap ro assurances, it is just waste of money for 3 channels.

Unfortunately, there donot seem to be better alternatives. It is like you have to choose the best among the worst (similar to what you face when you go to exercise your vote during elections).


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