Increase prices to handle increased traffic ?

Knowing that Christmas/ThanksGiving is coming up and that there would be increased traffic, would Amazon turn off all existing promotions, discounts and increase the prices to reduce the traffic?

What would any company do ? A simple guess is that they take additional steps (for e.g., deploy more servers, offer more discounts to beat the compeition, have more sales counters if it is a B & M company) to handle the increased traffic, try and make the best out of it.

I thought so too…

But come any occasion, festival or a public holiday, my mobile service provider, Airtel, sends me this message:

AX-airtel: To ensure a congestion free experience, Per SMS charges on 14th Feb 2011 is Local-Re 1, National-Rs 1.5, International – Rs 5. No FREE/Discounted SMS applicable

yes, I know, I cannot do much because there would have been a fine-print as part of sign-up agreement that gives complete right to Airtel to do whatever it wants to do with prices. Not that I am a heavy user of SMS and that I will end up paying lots more money this valentine, but it irks me to see customers taken for a ride. This is just one of many such instances where I am fed up with my service provider, but there are no better alternatives out there (sounds lot like the scenarios during elections).

It is a little surprise then that over the top providers (OTP) are taking one service at a time out of telecom service providers.


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