Push to TV

Snapstick takes on Apple TV, Google TV —  Snapstick in action in CNET headquarters on an iPhone 4 and TV monitor.  —  A startup called Snapstick is introducing its spin on Internet TV today that it hopes will compete heavily with Apple TV, Google TV, and other set-top boxes.

Sigh!! I was toying with the very same idea last few days after I recently bought Samsung TV that has internet features. Even with DLNA, sharing what is on my mobile and PC is not easy. All DLNA does is, it makes your DLNA connected device appear like a USB device on your TV. You then browse through the content much like you do with any other USB drive.

I was looking at the experience to be more like :I am sitting in front of the TV watching some program with my family. And at the same time fiddling with my “Windows mobile turned into Android phone“, I see that I received an interesting MMS and would like to share with rest of my family watching the TV (probably during a commercial). I would like to do this by selecting the MMS message and simply push a button “Send to TV”. And Voila, the MMS message appears on the TV.

Or, found a funny video on youtube and would like to share that with the folks. It doesn’t make sense to switch the TV to internet mode, select the youtube app, type in the URL using a TV remote. Instead, would like to click on “Send to TV” button that magically does all the above.

And this is not very hard to do. All it needs is a background app running on TV to receive the control and  data messages from authorized connected devices (my phone, iPad, laptop etc).

I will probably spend few cycles during the weekends anyway with Samsung TV SDK and give it a spin!!


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