Drop bad customers – says Dabbawallas

Was a reading an article in TOI on Dabbawallas case study being added to Harvard school’s syllabus. Dabbawallas success is an old story but everytime I read about them, it amazes me as to what can be accomplished by determined and passionate souls. Inspite of all the risks(like depending on public transportation system etc) their system has, they attribute their consistent and continued success to one single point and that is:  each Dabbawalla is an EQUAL share holder. And that’s what drives them no matter what risks and restrictions

Makes me ponder – Do we have instances of “EQUAL” partnership any close to this in the more sophisticated IT world ?

Another interesting point they make  (print version of the article) is that they donot tolerate bad customers. If a customer doesn’t respond in 10 seconds, they get a warning and they drop those customers if they repeatedly donot respond in time.  They say this is the only way they keep their utmost punctuality. Good lesson for many startups who sometimes get stuck on couple of customers who take them for a spin.


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