Morpheus to contribute to “India’s startup revolution”

From their website.   Also see the post on ReadWriteWeb

We are a gang of serial entrepreneurs and around 40 startup founders and growing. We believe that India’s startups are coming of age and will have a significant impact on economy in 5 years from now

Via Morphues Venture Partners (MVP) we are trying to make a small contribution towards “India’s startup revolution”. We engage with startups in the most crucial phase of their existence, the first 12-18 months, the phase that is also known as valley of death. MVP runs a Business Acceleration Program (BAP) for talented, progressive and young startups designed to guide startups through this treacherous phase.

btw, did you notice the recent surge of Internet and mobile startups in India? I see lot more young generation (in the age group of 25 to 35) keen on becoming enterpreneur. This is a good sign. Would we see more product companies, with products conceived and built out of India in the next 5 years ?


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